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Mason McCoy Automotive Reconditioning Services

I have over 4 years of experience in the detailing industry, having worked with some of the highest quality shops & high value vehicles in Ohio. I specialize in paint correction, ceramic coatings, restoration projects, and detailing, but am certified to do the following. 

Xpel & IDA Certified Installer

⁃ Detailer

⁃ Paint Correction 

⁃ Window Tint 

⁃ Paint Protection Film 


Detailing isn’t just a labor intensive process for me, it’s an art. Whether a daily-driver, or a one of a kind vehicle, no detail is overlooked. We don’t work out of obligation or necessity, but rather passion and enthusiasm. 


When deciding to venture further with my business, I came across city-wide, and knew my standard of results and professionalism had been matched. Arlin and I don’t just see eye-to-eye on the needs of our clients, we set the standard for our competitors as well. Proudly servicing the Southwestern Ohio region.

Mason McCoy City Wide Detailer

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